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Have you ever wondered how your life would be different if you were born in one of the many English-speaking countries around the world?
Well Done! can give you the next best thing. Immerse yourself in the English culture with a wide range of readings and exercises that focus on current issues, like modern technology, the social-networking craze, the fabulous world of fashion, and many more. Well Done! presents this information in a fresh way; with a modern layout and cool pictures, students could be forgiven for thinking they were reading a fun, educational and interesting magazine, and not an old-fashioned ‘text-book’.

Not only is this language tool modern and fun to read, but it also thoroughly covers every one of the four major skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking). Whether it be through discussion questions, writing letters, Trinity and KET exercises (Multiple Choice, Open-Cloze, Cloze-Gap Fill, True or False, Missing Letters, Trinity Subject Areas), or listening exercises (read by mother tongue speakers from various English-speaking countries), every Unit of Well Done! will give students the opportunity to improve their linguistic abilities.

e approach of this textbook is simple: make English fun, but also educational. e goal is to o er students articles that they can relate to and that will spark their interest in English, while also instilling in them the confidence to communicate in the world’s most spoken language.

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Lucilla Ambrosino-Michael Adrian-Amira Cerrato